Sunday School Summer Reading

To Sunday school Students and Participants,

The NPMBC Sunday school Ministry misses you and sends prayers to you and your family.

During this time of constant change and adjustment due to COVID-19, we ask for your continued patience and prayers. The Sunday school Ministry is in the midst of planning how to best serve you in your Bible Study Lessons and spiritual growth. We are reviewing technology platforms keeping in mind innovative methods to teach God’s Word.

In the meantime, we have attached some information to assist you in continuing your Bible Study even though we are not face to face. This will also serve as a document to be used in place of your book.

Please share with your family and friends. Invite them to read with you and memorize Scripture.

We hope to send other suggested reading in the coming weeks.

Stay Safe and God Bless You,

New Prospect Sunday School Ministry
Sis. Dorothy E. Curry, Superintendent
Sis. Jeanette Stanley, Assistant Superintendent



“The Many Faces of Wisdom”

 Part 2

Wisdom in the Gospels:

Four lessons, one from each of the four Gospels.  Each lesson examines the Wisdom of God as seen in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  As we search and read the scriptures, one must hear the Words of Jesus, believe them, and then follow after Him for wisdom. 
Our life of godly wisdom can bring those opposed to God into an understanding of what is right and true, and put them in a position to be met by the Lord.
Suggested Directions:
Prayer:  Ask God to help you understand and speak to your needs
Read:   One subject lesson at a time
Do:      Keep a journal or take notes as you read and study.
Lessons at a Glance:
“Wisdom in Action”                                  Matthew 11:7-19 Key Verse: Matthew 11:19
“Wisdom that Amazes”                            Ecclesiastes 3:1,7b; Luke 2:39-52 Key Verse Luke 2:20
“Wisdom that Astounds and Offends”     Mark 6:1-6 Key Verses Mark 6: 2-3
 “Finding One’s Way”                              John 14:1-14 Key Verse John 14:6
Lesson Points to Remember:

  • Jesus’ behavior and John’s while unusual in their day, will eventually be proven wise by the results of transformed followers.
  • Ecclesiastes - be eager to listen and slow to speak; Luke – Wisdom has no age limit, for God has a plan for everyone.
  • God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
  • It is by faith that we see the Father as we come to know Christ better.
  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  Matthew 7:24 NIV


Part 3

Faith and Wisdom in James:
Five Lessons from the book of James.  James examines the interplay between following Jesus and possessing faith.  These lessons explore the interaction of faith and wisdom, including practical advice regarding faith in action and the taming of the tongue.  He concludes the study by contrasting two kinds of wisdom.
Suggested Directions:
Prayer:  Ask God to help you understand and speak to your needs
Read:  One subject lesson at a time
Do:  Keep a journal or take notes as you read and study.
Lessons at a Glance:
“Ask for It”                           James 1:1-11           Key Verse: James 1:5
“Talk Is Cheap”                   James 1:19-27        Key Verse: James 1:22
“Just Do It”                          James 2:14-26        Key Verse: James 2:26
“Bite Your Tongue”              James 3:1-12           Key Verse: James 3:5
“Wise Up”                            James 3:13-18        Key Verse: James 3:17
                                            James 5:7-12
Lesson Points to Remember:
1.  God gives wisdom generously to those who ask in faith.
2.  Actions must accompany what you say.
3.  We must demonstrate our faith by our actions.
4.  A loose tongue can lead to a person’s destruction.
5.  Choose God’s wisdom over the wisdom of the world.
If anyone among you thinks he is religions, and does not bridle his tongue but

deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless.  James 1:26


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