Sunday School


In America, at least once a year we take time out to celebrate various “creators” from many genres. Whether these people write screenplays, develop new vaccines or sing our favorite songs, we pause to honor them for their creativity. If we can do this as a nation, then how dare we not consider and recognize the workings of the LORD in our lives and throughout the land and universe!

Come to Sunday School and find out how GOD simply wants us to acknowledge HIM for HIS WONDERFUL WORD and WORKS!

CLASSES FOR ALL AGES 9:30-10:30 a.m.

January: Unit II-Praise from and for God’s Creation
8: Sing a New Song (Psalm 96)
15: Good and Plenty (Psalm 65; 67:6-7)
22: Master Designer (Psalm 104)
29: Global Applause (Psalm 148)

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