Sunday School Lesson


Acts of the Apostles captures the joys and sorrows in the
lives of first-generation Christians for 30 years after Jesus
ascended to heaven. It describes the Holy Spirit’s
empowering of their courageous mission to spread the
gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and
the world.

CLASSES FOR ALL AGES 9:30-10:30 a.m.
August: Unit III-Calls in the New Testament
6: Meeting Needs (Acts 6:1-8)
13: Reaching Out (Acts 8:26-39)
20: Speaking Up (Acts 9:10-20)
27: Drawing In (Acts 10:19-33)

The history of the Church has been made by people and their personal
response to the Lord Jesus Christ. While Acts follows the activities of the two
great leaders Peter and Paul, they do not stand alone. The strong, faithful
support of others, such as John, Stephen, Philip, Barnabas, James, Priscilla,
Aquila and Lydia, made Peter and Paul's leadership possible. They set for us
today the example of Spirit-led interdependency of Christian leadership and

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