Stewardship Months

OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER are our Stewardship Months.

We need you to actively be a part of the life and work of New Prospect with your time, talents, and treasures. This is the month we all joyfully make financial sacrifices to support our church.

We are grateful for your partnership in praying, and giving so we can make a direct impact on expanding God's Kingdom, right here at home! We are blessed to have our church staff. We are blessed to have our facilities. We are grateful for all of you. This is OUR church and OUR ministry. We love what we do, but it does not (just) "happen". It does not happen without us giving more generously than we ever have before. 

Thank you for helping us share the Gospel of Hope in so many ways.  

For example:
Saturday Outreach Worship – 3501 Woodward
New Prospect’s Learning Lab
Afterschool Program
Community Food Pantry
Housing the Homeless
Mission Trips
And so much more…

The prayers, involvement and financial gifts, that we give to God through New Prospect, makes our community a brighter and better place.  

Please see faces when you share your gifts.  We are called to move outside the doors of the church, go down the street, and across town.