40 Suggestions For Lent

Our Lenten Prayer: 
Gracious God, our Father, I thank You that You have permitted me to see another Lenten season. I am privileged again to meditate on the Cross of Christ with its many comforting spiritual lessons. May this Holy season cause the message of the slain Lamb of God, Your Son, to impress upon my heart and mind the awfulness of my transgressions. May this Holy season lead me to Calvary for pardon and peace. May this Holy season lead me to see that my sins caused Your Son's great agony in the Garden. My transgressions nailed Your Son to the Cross of Calvary. Jesus the Christ, Your Son, was forsaken by His own that I might not be forsaken by You. Jesus, Your Son, died so that I might not die eternally. Dear Jesus,  during this Sacred season, may the story of Your wondrous love for me, draw me closer to You so that I may rejoice in my redemption, walk with You in willing obedience, and follow Your example of love and sacrifice. O Holy Spirit, during this Lenten season, give me a double portion of Your power. Holy Spirit, please awaken my lack of concern for others. Holy Spirit, stir up every gift that is lukewarm. Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart. Take a hold of me with Your love and help me to offer myself to the Father. Dear God of Love, bring me back to You. During this Lenten season, take possession of my mind, nourish me with Your Word of Life and make me one with You in love and prayer. I ask all of this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever. Amen.

40 Suggestions For Anytime During The 40 Days Of Lent
1. Spend time in Prayer
2. Read the Psalms
3. Give someone a gift
4. Serve someone an unexpected meal
5. Sacrifice your time on someone else
6. Take time for self-examination
7. Focus your eyes and heart on God
8. Give up luxury expenses
9. Refrain from food for a spiritual purpose
10. Fast from TV or Social Media
11. Memorize Scripture
12. Pray for a child all day
13. Pray for a relationship all day
14. Pray for your coworkers all day
15. Unplug for 24 hours
16. Change your radio station
17. Journal your gratitude to God
18. Write someone a hand written letter
19. Volunteer
20. Give "new" clothes to a charity
21. Fill up someone's gas tank 
22. Support a local business
23. Detox your mind for 24 hours
24. Encourage someone you know is depressed
26. Post ONLY Positive Affirmations
27. Visit the sick and shut in
28. Pray out loud in your car
29. Pray during commercials
30. Pray about what you see and hear
31. Create your own spiritual desert - SILENCE
32. Stop thinking about past injuries
33. Start attending Prayer meeting
34. Start attending Bible Study
35. Meditate one of the Healing Gospels - Matthew 2:1-12
36. PAUSE... Rethink your purpose in life
37. Penetrate your life with The Word of God
38. Spend one hour praying Psalm 51
39. Pray - O God, How Can I Please You? O God, Why Am I Not Better?