2018 College/University/Secondary Education Graduates

Congratulations New Prospect 2018 Graduates!!!
2018 College/University/Secondary Education Graduates

Sis. Janae Allen
Marygrove College
Degree: Master of Arts – Literacy and Learning

Sis. Angel D. Alls-Hall
Bowling Green State University 
Degree: Bachelor of Science – Business Administration
Specializing – International Business and Management

Bro. Dwight A. Bennett II
College: Central Michigan University
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Music 
              Minor in Child Development 

Min. Fatimah Blakely
Ashland Theological Seminary
Degree: Master of Divinity

Sis. Monique Bradley
Southern New Hampshire University
Degree:  Bachelor of Arts: Operations and Program 

Sis. Halima E. Curry
University of Michigan-Flint
Master of Public Health-Health Education 

Sis. Alexus Gulley
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Degree:  Bachelor of Arts: Sociology

Sis. Troia Gulley
Wayne State University
Degree: Master of Education

Sis. Joyce Harris
Eastern Michigan University
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing

Bro. Sturleng Hall
Michigan State University
Degree: Bachelor of Science 
              Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science
Sis. Alyx Johnson 
Central Michigan University
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
              Applied Communication

Sis. Rachel D. Nelson
Michigan State University
Degrees: Bachelor of Science – Neuroscience
                Bachelor of Science – Psychology

Sis. Heather Newman
University of Detroit Mercy
Degree: Master of Community Development

Sis. Dezirae Robinson
Oakland University
Degree: Bachelor of Science: Health Science

Bro. Joshua Scott
Detroit Police Academy

Bro. Kerrell Eric Spivey
University of Michigan
Degree: Master of Arts: Urban Planning

Sis. Leah Janine Spivey
University of Michigan
Degree: Bachelor of Arts: International Studies

Bro. Jordan Thompson
American Baptist College
Degree: Bachelor​ ​of​ ​Arts​: ​Behavioral​ ​Studies

Sis. Shelby Stallworth
Bowling Green State University
Degree: Criminal Justice 
Specializing – Forensic Investigation 

Sis. Whitney Whittaker
Oakland Community College
Degree: Associate of Arts