From The Desk of Rev. Carnel Richardson

Beloved of God,
Today is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday.  As we worship Christ today, who is our living savior, we must also reflect upon and celebrate one of our most notable, ancestral champions, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who galvanized our nation, in his time, with his Christian values and the power of his prophetic voice.  King’s socially conscious style of Christianity strengthened the mission and ethos of the Black Church.  Moreover, his non-violent passion for liberty and justice for all coupled with his theocentric disposition for life and ministry in general made him the perfect soldier for God to use in the struggle for civil rights and freedom.  We owe God thanks today for the spirit, life and legacy of this hero of the faith.
We also owe it to ourselves and our communities to continue Dr. King’s work.  We must continue to minister to those who live on the margins of society as a part of our Christian duty and moral consciousness.  We must continue to reach out to the lost, lonely, disenfranchised, and the “least of these.”  Our fight against oppression and injustice will never end.  As long as painful violence and tyranny exist in our communities we have a fight.  As long as our young men are senselessly killing each other and being killed by others we have a fight.  As long as generational poverty, high unemployment, and domestic violence is prevalent in our community and in our nation at large, we have a weighty fight on our hands.  The good news is that we also have a Christ who will help us to struggle, fight, and ultimately win!
So, keep the faith!  Keep the faith!  Keep the faith!  And let’s fight until the victory is won.

Rev. Carnel H.L. Richardson
Lead Pastor Minister