From The Desk of Rev. Carnel Richardson

Pen In the Old Testament the temple was the symbol, focus, and means of God’s presence with His people, a presence that was seriously holy and beautifully encouraging.

       The routine sacrifices and regular festivals (with the Passover as the climax) gave the temple its meaning; the Israelites traveled to Jerusalem to find and enjoy the very presence of God who promised to live there and to celebrate His promise to deliver them.

       In the church age, believers are to be “little walking temples” where the Spirit of God is profoundly present and manifest (Ephesians 2:22). The church, though immersed in a complicated, post-modern world, is to be the vehicle by which weary souls are drawn to the wonderful savior. 

       No, the church does not possess all of the answers to all of life’s problems but we express faith in the ONE who does. So, let us stay in touch with Jesus, the rejected stone, who has become the chief cornerstone. His presence lives and dwells in us and His life gives us life.

Rev. Carnel H.L. Richardson
Lead Pastor Minister