From The Desk of Rev. Carnel Richardson

Beloved of God,

Today is our annual children and youth Sunday at New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church and it is also baccalaureate and Scholarship Sunday. 

We have much to celebrate as a family of faith! Through the efforts of the Holy Spirit and a talented, committed, and faithful ministry team, the children and youth of New Prospect continue to soar. As a church, we should all be exceedingly proud of the spiritual strength that our young people possess as they live out their faith for the world to see. Even in the prime of their lives, where their energy, stamina, and charisma levels are extremely high, they unashamedly recognize Jesus Christ as their savior and the source of their strength and hope.

Today is a day to rejoice, worship, and celebrate all that God has done and will do with the young people of New Prospect in the time to come. We are excited to have Rev. April Hearn as our preacher for the 7:30am worship experience with us for this annual occasion. Rev. April has previously served as the Children and Youth Pastor of New Prospect and she is loved among the children and youth of New Prospect. 

We welcome Ms. Brittney Robinson as our praise and worship leader, and Mr. DeAngelo Gardner as our special musical guest. We also praise God for the accomplishments of our high school and college graduates who have achieved success through faith and hard work! 

So, today let us “turn up” (worship with tenacity) for Jesus.

Rev. Carnel H.L. Richardson
Youth and Young Adult Minister
New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church